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Gabriela Kroetch
for House District 55A

Gabriela Kroetch is a mother of two, wife of 19 years to her husband, Josh, and believes in America. As a first-generation immigrant, she strongly feels that it is a privilege to be an American and that it should be cherished each day.

Born and raised in Slovakia, at the end of a four-decade-long communist rule, she, and her family, experienced firsthand, the immense injustices and hardships of this regime. Through it all, her family remained optimistic and hopeful for a better future. Gabriela was raised to be an independent freethinker.

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Van Holston for House District 55B

Van has been married to Judy for 52 years, has 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Born and raised in Robbinsdale Minnesota, graduated from Robbinsdale High School and got his bachelor’s degree from Mankato State. He then attended William Mitchell College of law and was a Civil Litigation Attorney for 36 years. He was also Committee Administrator, Minnesota House of Representatives Judiciary Committee and served on the Apple Valley City Council Advisory Committee. He served as Volunteer Guardian ad Litum, Hennepin County Juvenile Court.

Van is a candidate for State Representative, because he is deeply concerned about the direction of our country and our state. Van has something to offer in his experience and wants to do his part to effect change. As your representative, he will work to reverse the seemingly, unending growth in the state budget. He will vote to reduce personal and business income taxes. He will work to raise the academic standards in our schools and to increase graduation rates. He will do everything he can to reduce the rising crime in our streets and to make our neighborhoods safe again. He will listen to the people of Burnsville and promise the people of Burnsville to be a hardworking, honest and thoughtful representative.

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