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We have attempted to answer many of the questions you may have about the election process, voting information and party information. Please feel free to contact us if you need more information.

Q1. What is a BPOU?

A. Basic Political Organization Unit

Q2: What is a precinct caucus?

A. A caucus is a meeting organized by Minnesota’s political parties where citizens can engage each other in a conversation about which candidates to support in the next general election and what public policy positions should be adopted as part of the party’s platform.

Additionally there is an election of delegates and alternates.

Q3.What happens at a caucus?

A1. Election of delegates and alternates

Delegates are the individuals who will go to the party conventions later in the spring and summer to determine which candidates will receive the party endorsement. At the precinct caucus, you will have an opportunity to elect delegates and alternate delegates. Become a delegate if you want to influence which candidates your party will support.

A2. Discussion of issues

Caucuses also provide a forum for you to voice your views on a wide range of important political issues. You can submit and vote on resolutions that the party conventions may make a part of their platform.

A3. Election of local party leadership

The political parties use the precinct caucuses to elect their precinct officers.

A4. Straw Ballot

Political Parties may use the precinct caucuses to conduct preference polls for presidential candidates. The caucuses are also a great place for other candidates for elected office to build support.

Q4: How do I become a delegate, alternate, or precinct officer?

A. You may be elected a delegate, alternate, or precinct officer if you:

Will be eligible to vote in the precinct in the next general election;

Agree with the party’s principles;

Supported the party at the last general election; and

Intend to vote in the next general election.

The election procedure is prescribed by state law:
Nominations for delegates, alternates, and precinct officers must remain open for at least the first 15 minutes. They can remain open longer.
Election of delegates and alternates may begin 30 minutes after convening the caucus, and no sooner.
Election of delegates and alternates must begin within one hour of convening the caucus. There is no set time to finish.
All voting must be done by secret ballot.

Q5: What are the duties of precinct officers?

A. The duties of precinct officers are described in Section 8.2 of the Senate District 40 Republicans Bylaws as:

Perfecting the organization of the Republican Party for the precinct;

Recruiting and directing block-workers;

Conducting training sessions;

Completing voter surveys;

Conducting voter registration programs;

Conducting authorized finance drives;

Getting out the Republican vote;

Finding Republican volunteers for Republican activities and campaigns;

Representing the precinct on the Senate District 40 Republican Committee (the Full Committee); and

Accomplishing such other legitimate tasks as may be assigned to them by or through the Senate District 40 Republicans organization, their U.S. Congressional District organization, or the Republican Party of Minnesota.

Precinct officers serve for two years until the next precinct caucuses.

Q6: What is the difference between a Precinct and a District?

A1. A Precinct is one of several districts (areas) into which a city or town is divided for voting; each contains one polling place

A2. An electoral district is a distinct territorial subdivision for holding a separate election for one or more seats in a legislative body, made up of Precincts.

Q7: What is a convener?

A. The convener acts as the temporary caucus Chair until a permanent Chair is elected.

Q8: Where to I vote?

A. In your Precinct

Q9: What precinct am I in?

A. Go to this website to find out where to vote: http://pollfinder.sos.state.mn..., then make sure to register to vote (if you live in Dakota County you can register online here

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